Sunday, April 3, 2011

Awak kepada saya, Saya kepada awak.


Perfect explanation...!!
You to me, Me to you...
Ini sesuatu yang sedang saya minati,
Ini sesuatu yang mengkhayalkan saya,
Ini sesuatu yang membuai saya setiap detik.

I am yours, like the sun which sets 
The beautiful memories are all from one place 
Precious memories of the naive days together 
Woo- they remain as a picture which has no regrets 

You are mine and make the lonely times pass 
You are the sunlight which shines on me 
Your small white hand in mine 
Like the sparkle of a jewel it makes the promise of eternity

You are mine, like a sad graduation song
You are still a small part of this hear of mine
Your beauty glitters in your eyes
Like so many stars I hope you will always shine

Ini sesuatu yang sangat klasik,
Ini sesuatu yang sangat bernilai,
Ini seperti lukisan yang indah.

p/s: artistik..